Coming back to blogging: NaBloPoMo!


So here I am . I’m ready to a writing practice for the month of November. I have intentionally brought balance to my life with a big tranformation. New job. New apartment. New city. Here I am! I moved back to the Chicago area. Took a grant writing job at a community college. I leave work at 5 (!). I don’t have my work email on my phone or ipad. I never check it on the weekends (may change with big deadlines). I’ve been working for a little over a month at the new place And now that I’m a little more used to everything, it’s time to improve my self-discipline and habits. Before, at my old job, I was so consumed both with work and the emotions necessary to sustain the work (adrenaline for sure) that I just couldn’t do it. Now it’s time. It’s been a few years without discipline. Maybe since grad school? I need to regain myself. That’s my goal for this year. I started this job, appropriately right after Rosh Hashanah.

What am I going to write about? 

  • Who I am now?
  • The trip to New Orleans my sister and I took this year
  • My bucket list
  • Prompts from here
  • My favorite podcasts
  • Thoughts on current events.
  • what I’m consuming from pop culture

Whatever I do, I just want to develop a writing practice. Improve my skills. Foster my creativity.


One response to “Coming back to blogging: NaBloPoMo!

  1. Hi! Oh Chicago I love that city… we could follow each others if you want 🙂 I’m an italian girl with an italian blog! 😉 take a look Bye

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