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It’s the third day, and already I’m flailing

Discipline is so hard to cultivate. And I’ve been devoid of good self-discipline for a while. So I’m already flailing! When I was a child, I had a ton of self discipline. And a super strict mom! I would practice piano before school. Every day. And after school sometimes, too. I would spend periods of time working on projects. I had this old book I got a used booksale–a how-to for roller skating. I would go over to our neighboring driveway (it was a driveway without a house) with that book and work for hours on the tricks. I don’t think I ever got very good, but I tried.

It was after college that I lost my self discipline, I think. But, especially in grad school. Because I got sick then. And everything just went out the window.

One thing that has carried me through these years though is taking myself to the woods. When I need to reconnect, exercise, get some fresh air, I go. Whether to a state park in Wisconsin or a forest preserve here in the Chicago area. I love being in the woods. It’s beautiful. There are things growing. There are trees. I also love being near the water, so if it’s near a lake or river, even better.

In the summers I’ve worked hard to go swimming at least once a week (I have a harder time in the winter, but this winter I’m going to try!). Now that I live in a fancy suburb with a nice indoor pool that isn’t at the high school, I am looking forward to trying it out.