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It’s summer, maybe I’ll blog?

The students are gone. June has begun. Work hours are shorter. I have more time in my life. I need to develop discipline and new habits. Maybe getting back into blogging will help with this. I don’t know.  I did this quiz on Linked In that Gretchin Rubin, Happiness Project author, created about habits. And, it told me that I have a hard time developing habits for myself because I give so much of myself to others. It was accurate. I have a very hard time with maintaining new routines or habits. I live alone, there’s nobody here to hold me accountable. And, it doesn’t seem as worthwhile as putting something new in place at work.

I spent this year intentionally working on developing more space for myself in my life. My work had consumed me. This year was much better. But, I’m still missing out on big components of a full life–a life that would make me happy. In the meantime, I still do things I enjoy, and in the summer, I get to do them more!

Today I went hiking at Lake Kegonsa State Park (can we talk about Walker’s new cuts to the DNR, grrrr). It was gorgeous and because it was free this weekend, busy. I bought my State Park pass though, and I hope that others also purchased one. Even if you don’t use it again, it helps the parks. Anyway, it was so nice to be out in the woods, on a familiar trail. I’m looking forward to more. And to swimming.